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eSafe Content Security

eSafe provides content security, data control, and data leak prevention (DLP) solutions for incoming and outgoing Internet traffic through the edge of the network, including web surfing (web security gateway) and messaging (mail security gateway).

Whether you are a small business facing a specific security threat or an enterprise enhancing your comprehensive security deployment, eSafe's content security solutions and services for web and mail gateways ensure your network edge is safe from external and internal security threats and breaches.

eSafe content security provides the most comprehensive solution for real-time, intelligent inspection of all incoming and outgoing web and mail traffic in the content security market. Offering the performance and scalability needed for your organization to stay flexible and productive, eSafe deeply inspects all content, including legitimate sites, encrypted traffic, and web-enabled applications – and does it with the wire-speed performance required for total transparency.


eSafe Web Security Gateway 

Web security gateways need protection from external and internal threats. Facing the challenges of eCrime, data leakage, and decreased productivity, companies become more and more vulnerable, and require a variety of defenses in order to protect their data and intellectual property.

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eSafe Email Security Gateway

E-mail security gateways are constantly exposed to evolving threats. Whether these threats come in the form of spam, phishing attempts, spyware, malware, data leakage, or other content related risks, companies must be alert and rapidly adapt in order to guarantee incoming and outgoing traffic through its mail gateways is secure.

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eSafe Management and Reporting

eSafe’s Management and Reporting module provides administrators with advanced features that enable them to easily monitor the network and maintain the organization’s security policy throughout the network.

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eSafe Delivery

eSafe offers robust and flexible delivery options with multiple deployment modes. With a built-in active cluster for high availability and load balancing that supports bridge and router deployment modes, eSafe ensures redundancy and Internet service availability at no extra cost.

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eSafe Modules

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